Founded in 1923 by Joseph Molteni in St. Uze, France. The Molteni workshop manufacturers 8-9 stoves per month in St. Vallier, France and is situated on the Rhone River across from the hillsides of St. Joseph. Molteni stoves are installed in many of the world’s best restaurants and private client’s homes.  



Any size, any shape, any color.

Each stove is bespoke and hand crafted to exacting standards and the client's specific requirements.



Restaurant industry veteran with over 30 years experience.  “I’ve learned my way around a kitchen and the best way to solve the chefs’ needs and requirements of kitchen space.” Michael also hosts First Mondays, a monthly informal gathering of chefs, somms, industry people, and an occasional musician or two.“My focus now is all about cooking and how to best provide America’s finest chefs with the equipment they need to reach their highest potential.”